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security updates without A14

Rising Star I

Am I still receiving security updates without updating to Android 14?


Star III

You should be. Did you get the latest one for April?  Just a thought tho, if you go check you will probably be prompted to install A14 anyway. You must have auto updates turned off as I dunno how you can avoid installing A14. Not sure you could skip over it to get the next security update. 

I'm waiting to receive a Z10 with Android 13.
I currently have Z9 and upgraded to A14. Mistake!!
Many people are not okay with A14. For my part, I can no longer reinstall old apps, the 4x5 icons no longer allow me to put 5 on the home screen and at the same time 4 on the apps screen, etc...
When you install A14 you can no longer go back to A13.
If I can't install security updates, it's not a problem for me. I have had phones for several years that no longer had updates and without problems. My wife has a Zenfone 5 and no problems. For me the important thing is to be happy with the phone and its operation.

When you get the z10 if you go into settings>software update you will get prompted to install A14. However, the same method is used to install security updates so you may not be able to get any updates at all without first installing A14 as I’m not positive of the installation order on a new Z10. On mine A14 popped up first in the queue. I am using A14 on my Z10 and feel it runs just fine, no issues. 
regarding the icon grid layout you might want to try Nova launcher. It can be set up to mimic the Asus stock launcher pretty much totally if you’re worried about losing that. The grid can be changed to put 5 icons (and more I think) across if you want that. Many other customizations as well. It is one of the smoothest launchers ever. 
Check it out on YouTube if you are interested. 
if you are fine with no security updates and no Android 14 then stay the heck away from the software update button and hope they don’t eventually install automatically. Perhaps one day Asus will let the bootloader be unlocked and we will suddenly have a slew of new options. 

I tried Nova Launcher but the app drawer icons cannot be placed freely. They are in alphabetical order.
I have observed that on the Zenfone 10 with Android 13 you cannot put 5 icons on the home screen with 4 in the application drawer. That is to say, it is not because of Android 14 but because Asus has decided so...!