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Resolved! New bugs with android 14

Scaling issues with widgets and some animation glitches .  

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M_K_E by Star II
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Planning to buy Zenfone 10 here in the Philippines...

If there's anyone here from the PH, can I ask where you guys bought a tempered glass for the phone? Most of the tempered glass I've searched online doesn't seem to have a hole for the camera, meaning it might be a tempered glass fit for the phone, bu...

rubra by Star I
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Resolved! No AT&T 5G since Android 14

I got my Zenfone 10 (512 GB, US version) a few weeks ago. I swapped my AT&T SIM from a Samsung S10e into it and it's been working perfectly all this time, 5G and all.Last night I received the Android 14 update. As soon as the phone rebooted, any time...

Dark mode bug

Hi, i gave my mom a Zenfone 10, and it's great, almost everything is top notch, the camera is incredible, the best I've seen on an Android! But there's one thing that's been irritating me, dark mode will turn on on it's own sometimes and I don't know...

tayorv by Star I
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Does the 10 have adaptive charging?

When i charge my pixel 4a at night, it slows the charging down to help with battery health, i couldn't find anywhere online saying the zenphone 10 does or doesn't, so, does it?

joshep1 by Star I
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Resolved! Video System Process Battery Drain

Anyone having similar issue where the Video is running non-stop on A14 and impacting battery life? See attached, it's my #1 battery use and I haven't watched any videos.  No app is using similar battery or time usage and I can't seem to stop it as it...

Android 14's dual-SIM data failover feature missing

Android 14 now includes the ability to automatically use data on a second SIM card if the primary SIM card's connection is down. This feature is missing from the Android 14 released for Zenfone 10 but works fine on my Pixel. Any sign of it coming to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Zenfone 10 Android 14 separate forum?

Hi, I signed up to the preview program and got an update this morning. Shouldn't there be a separate forum to discuss the update in? The instructions say we shouldn't discuss things in public! I can see a forum in the menu at the top here but it's lo...