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Auto-rotate problem?

Star I

I recently bought a Zenfone 10 and I'm having 1 issue with it. It works properly changing from portrait to landscape mode and back in all apps that allow screen rotation. However, in the "Recent Apps" menu/screen auto-rotate doesn't work. If I go to that screen in portrait mode, it stays in portrait mode even if flip the phone sideways. And if I go to that screen with the phone sideways, it'll open in landscape mode but won't rotate to portrait mode when I flip the phone back vertical.


Is this normal for the Zenfone 10? I called customer support and they said it's like that on some phones, but they wouldn't give me a solid answer on if it's supposed to be that way with this specific phone. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached a video showing the issue better.


Star I

Hello, @T_Casey 

It sounds like your Zenfone 10 is experiencing a common behavior where the "Recent Apps" screen does not auto-rotate. This behavior is normal for some phones, including the Zenfone 10, as confirmed by customer support. If this is affecting usability, you might consider checking for software updates or contacting support for further clarification.

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