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Bootloader unlock tool isn't coming. Time to sell my Zenfone 10!

Star I

I'm honestly tired of waiting for Asus to drop the bootloader unlock tool and I'm pretty sure we're not even getting it at this point. They've had more than enough time and chances to announce something definitive, with customer service reps repeatedly telling users that an official announcement would be coming soon. An obvious lie. I'm not a fan of the Asus Android experience and was hoping the community would be able to improve on such an incredible piece of hardware! But the dream is dead. Even IF the unlock tool is eventually released, I feel like the momentum has completely died and developers will have moved on to newer and better devices. Also the incredibly short software support is concerning when this device has the horsepower and potential to last sooo much longer. I'll miss the smaller form factor but there are better devices out there for those of us that love to tinker.


Star III

Here's there reply yesterday . How can an andriod phone not support OEM unlocking.

What they could mean is that it isn't unlocked by just ticking the OEM unlock toggle in the Developer Settings menu. I've seen that toggle on the Beta for Android 13 but not in any other versions, it's greyed out. Maybe it's a language barrier issue and what they're saying is, it's not able to be unlocked (not supported) by OEM unlock and requires the ASUS unlock app. While at the same time not saying that app will ever be released again 😞

Star III

They are scammers and basically admit so by not even responding at all to current status info. For me, I have not bought Asus product since then, saving me and my customers dozens of thousands of €. I have the power to choose competition and I gladly do so. Asus is dead to me and I am not alone in this.