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zenfone 10 notifications not sorted chronologically?

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long time iphone user and just switched to zenfone 10. one thing that annoys me is that notifications arent sorted by time. this is super annoying and will switch back to iphone if i cant change this. cant think of any reason why asus would do this except that theyre just incompetent. is there any way to change this?


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Hello, @gomenam  nystateofhealth

To sort notifications by time on your Zenfone 10:

Open Settings.
Go to "Apps & notifications".
Select "Notifications".
Find and tap "Advanced".
Look for "Notification sorting" and select "By time".

If this option is not available, you might need a third-party notification manager app from the Google Play Store. If this doesn't resolve the issue, it might be a limitation of the ZenUI, and you could consider providing feedback to ASUS.

I hope this suggestion will be helpful for you

Best regards