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Zenbook Pro Duo UX581GV Loud Noise

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System: Latest Windows 10 Update
Battery or AC: Both
Model: ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV
Frequency of occurrence: Frequent loud noise
Reset OS: Yes.
Detailed Description:
As soon as the laptop is turned on, the laptop gives out a loud noise. Seems to be some sort of rattling sound like a helicopter or something of the sort.
A brief overview of what had happened:
December 31st 2020: Laptop battery was not charging beyond 0% so contacted the company who provided the 2 year guarantee which my laptop was still in range.
The repair centre had my laptop in January, they ordered a new battery, a new motherboard (god knows the reason for this), and new speakers after some further testing they carried out. They added these parts which seem to be fine. Though I have experienced one case where if the screen goes black, I had to force turn off the laptop to wake it up again.
Just to let you know, this loud laptop noise never happened before I gave my laptop for repair, and I've had the laptop for just over a year.
The repair centre "Let Me Repair" sent back my laptop in March (after waiting so long calling them for updates and being informed the parts are taking time to arrive and doing tests after tests).
I got my laptop back, I turned it on and seemed to be fine for a few hours. Then this loud noise started to happen. So I called the technical support company to tell them about the issue, they said the repair centre will need to look at it again. So they took it again last week and sent it back and the noise is still happening which is evidenced in the videos below. On the paper of the work they said they carried out, they said that "All software/hardware tests passed. No faults found." I was rather dissatisfied about this as the issue still exists and I have no idea what they actually did and I called in to find out but they don't know either as they can't pass me to engineers, nor have they logged what work was actually done other than what the paper stated.
Anyone have any idea what I should do as I'm really frustrated with the service provided by this repair centre as they had my laptop for almost 2 months. The noise would just about let me do any of my University work or watch/listen to a video/music in peace. Also, it is disturbing to others that are nearby the laptop. The sound of the laptop increases/decreases based on how the fan operates at different temperatures I believe (and possibly the fan button near the power button). I have also noted that when I press the screenpad plus button, it doesn't seem to show on the main screen anymore whether the screenpad plus has been enabled or disabled, whereas before it would. The same issue with the fan button, it used to show basic or performance mode which used to change the fan speed. But now those pop-ups don't appear. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Please see the video attached as evidence.

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Take it to a different repair centre, even if you have to mail it... It sounds like the fan blades are touching something inside. Act fast, as i think this could lead to catastrophic failure of CPU due to low cooling or damage other pieces of your hardware...

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I can conform noise is coming from FAN or from HDD

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@RAJU.MSC.MATHEMATICS it's an SSD laptop no way this sound could come from disk drive. AFAIK there's no HDD in this model...