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UX3405MA nightmare

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I have recently purchased an asus zenbook ux UX3405MA – this is a brand-new laptop and I purchased this on 23rd march 2024. After setting up the laptop I have noticed a high pitch noise coming from the fan. This was a very distressing noise, especially when working on quiet rooms as it was hard for me to concentrate with that noise coming from the laptop; so, after numerous chats with customer service, which they were not able to help me at all; I raised a ticked with RMA on the 14th April and I have made the mistake to sent it to Asus RMA under warranty GBB4S40655 after only 3 weeks of barely using it.

I have been told by the RMA centre that a fan needs to be ordered and it may take more than 2 weeks because they are coming from Taiwan etc. Bear in mind, this is a brand-new laptop, barely used and it came faulty from the factory. After reading their online reviews of the 3rd party repair centre, this makes it worse…

The customer service team told me that this can happen sometimes for laptops to come with faults from the factory. I paid £1,200 for this to happen? This is a joke. I have tried raising a dispute and writing an official email under the Consumer Rights Act 2015  to them but guess what? there is no email address to send an email to or office address listed on the website.

 Please let me know if you have one where I can send an email to with an official complaint?

Moreover, I would like to receive a full refund or a replace for the laptop, I do not want a repaired laptop. How is it possible for a brand new laptop to already require repair and spare parts?

This is causing more inconvenience as I need the laptop for work, and I am not able to complete any work nevertheless, I do not want to wait weeks for a laptop to be sent. This is a complete nightmare and never happened anything like this to me while using macbooks. Customer services was top notch and I never had issues with any of Apple.  

Please let me know if I can get any help on this matter as I feel that I been scammed of £1200.... 



I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.
We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 


Thank you for getting back to me; I am currently still waiting on receiving feedback on how it is possible for a brand new laptop to require spare parts on the first 3 weeks of usage and a full report from the technician. I have only been told it needs spare parts but no other respone on why, how long it will take, etc. I need the laptop for work I am not able to wait who knows how long... Poor communication, poor customer service, poor quality product.