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(2024) Zenbook 14 OLED disappointing performance

Star I

Hello everyone! I will go straigth to the point: Recently I bought 2024 ZenBook OLED(UX3405MA) and I have few things which annoy me: First of all, I don't have any bloatware, I'm performance freak, so I optimized my Windows 11 for best possible performance by disabling and deleting unnecessary things like integrated software, etc. But there are small details like when I open Viber, it crashes (sometimes). When I scroll, sometimes it doesn't feel like 120Hz at all...I have iPhone 14 Pro and I know how a 120Hz feels like. Even when I'm typing, sometimes it freezes and after 1 second it displays the whole thing which i typed...this happens rarely, but still it happened few times. *I use my laptop mostly for light tasks and It's power mode is on balanced." Is this because the CPU is too new and the software isn't fully optimized yet? I have PC with Ryzen 2700x , 3200Mhz RAM and I never had such problems. I know they are minor, but the performance isn't as smooth as I expected. Considering that it's a 1300 euros laptop with freaking 7467Mhz RAM, really good SSD and newest intel CPU(ultra 7 155H), I don't like the fact that such small things aren't performing good. It's not a big problem , but won't you be annoyed if you spend 1300 euros on a device and when you scroll randomly through youtube comments or some Windows settings and it doesn't really feel smooth like 120Hz? And why on earth would Viber crash when I open it.  And 2nd thing: When I'm watching movie, the laptop gets warm. I know that the surface is an important factor, but even if I put it on a table, it's getting warm just b y watching a 4k movie. Is that normal? Idk guys, maybe the CPU is still too new and the software and Windows 11 aren't fully optimized yet? My BIOS and drivers are up to date. Can you tell me your opinion? I will be grateful if someone owns the same laptops and shares his thoughts about it. Tbh my PC with Ryzen 2700x, 3200Mhz RAM and 970 EVO has worse benchmark, but the overall performance is if not better, at least it's kinda the same meanwhile the parts are much older. In other words: sometimes the response time for small things is longer on my laptop than on my PC with older parts. I compared my laptop with my CPU by installing heavy games and it's really faster than my PC, but when opening and closing random stuff, sometimes it takes longer than on my PC which annoys me, because I don't see any logic in that.

P.S: While I was writing this post, I minimized my Microsoft Edge and my Viber crashed again...(yes,it's up-to date)



Based on your description, it seems you have streamlined or modified the system, which may make it difficult to determine the possible causes.
If the issues of application crashes and system delays persist, we suggest backing up your data, restoring the system, and then confirming whether the same operations are improving the problem. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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