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MyAsus App Sucks!!

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I just bought a zenbook 14, and in order to get zen, I must adjust fan speed in MyApp to whisper mode. After that all games run flunky graphics! But i just had a Surface Pro 7+ that ran all games excellent and which is FANLESS. So Asus MyApp is made to annoy with flunky graphics, if you want the zen style, and that is what you guys are selling: Zen book my ass, it's MyAssus fraud. Waste of fan noise and money made out of paper, oh no now they comes out in binary trees of gold, that grows when people work.
What's the use of games anyway .., when I die, I won't come back any more, because I will tell others of the incredible you Asus folks according to your bios byeos boot logo, we must adore every time we start the morning with turning on our zen crap Assus laptops.


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.. i won't come back, because of the zenbook incredible you Assus folks do! ..

💔Asus App lost forever then in everness and emotion.

MyAsus App has got noise cancelling feature, it's incredible ..

because the - zen unneeded then - asus ventilator produces the noise.

As mentioned previously in my response to you, 
Based on your description, from our standpoint, we may not be able to provide any further actions.
To ensure the stability of your laptop's performance, we recommend using the system provided by us or Microsoft, rather than modified versions.
Similarly, for the BIOS, we also recommend using the BIOS provided by us.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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