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Zenbook 14x cpu slow after sleep

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Zenbook UX5401ZA i7-12700h

Firmware UX5401ZA.306

I have the laptop plugged into AC power, quite often after I wake it up from sleep the CPU seems to be in some sort of power savings or sleep mode as everything is running very slowly, the fans barely spin. Sometimes a shutdown and restart fixes this issue, if not then resetting BIOS to defaults fixes it and the laptop again runs at full speed. After it goes to sleep again and wake it up the same thing happens and the laptop runs very sluggish, can't hear the CPU fans. 

I had disabled sleep completely so I don't have to be restarting the laptop every time but I would like to use sleep as well. 

Any ideas how to fix it? 


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don't know the answer to your problem but you may check small, free program called GHelper (for Asus laptops)
Once you open it you will see what the current power settings for your CPU and Fans are (MUCH more info than MyAsus can give you) and you can compare with those when laptops is running fine and change them within the program if you like.

At least you will have something to start with. 


Have you updated both the BIOS and the system to the latest versions?
If you have already updated both the BIOS and the system, but the issue still persists, based on the symptoms you described, there is a higher possibility of a false system malfunction. In such cases, we recommend backing up your data and performing a system restore to further investigate the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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