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Why is my Zenbook battery draining so quickly and how can I improve its battery life

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I've noticed that my Zen book's battery is draining quickly, even when I'm not using it for particularly demanding tasks. What could be causing this issue, and what steps can I take to improve my Zen book's battery life? Are there any settings I can adjust or habits I can adopt to make my battery last longer? Additionally, are there any accessories or third-party software tools  and web, that could help me extend my Zen book's battery life?

  • Model Number (UX3402) 

  • Windows (11 Pro)


Hello, @Nomak_hawk .

Could you please provide the model name (for example,UX3402), the BIOS version, and details of the situation?
May I ask how many minutes and what percentage of power consumption is the fast power consumption you mentioned?
Please refer to [Notebook] Troubleshooting - How to fix the short battery life problem for troubleshooting any battery problems you might have.

Thank you.