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ux51vza black screen after bios settings edit

Star I

i have tried everything i was able to find from complete removal of all ssd ram batteries to reset cmos via remove bat and jumper post it has been broken for over 18 months now and i keep getting frustrated and put it away so i dont break it as i have worked on pc builds since 1993 and not once had a issue this bad other than a shorted out bios chip or bad cpu but this has me stumped i dont remeber what setting i change but it has no screen (external also gone) has the backlight on and fans going but no post  



Based on your description, it seems to be caused by a motherboard malfunction. I would recommend taking the laptop to a repair center for further diagnosis.
The following is the contact information: 

Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.