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Trying to turn screenpad on

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC:
Model: U5800GE
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:Hi, I have a zenbook pro (U5800GE) with 1st gen screenpad. I always had problems with the screenpad (not turning on) because of the software, but I always managed to fix it. Either by re-instaling drivers or by going to bios and turning it off and on. But the last time it happened, it died completely. It's not even id the device manager (hidden devices too), not in Windows 10 settings. I called service because I thought it was a hardware problem and the response was that they were going to do a windows recover or reinstall first and then check the hardware. As I use the notebook for my work, I didn't want that at all.
I was sure that the sceenpad was burned but after searching for months, I saw this post .
There is an image there that shows the file Sceenpadserver.exe and I searched and found it in my C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder. I realized that all the asus programs from Windows store are still there and I cannot boot them or delete them!
But Sceenpadserver.exe worked! It turned the screenpad on after months, so it wasn't burned after all. But it had no usability, it only turned the light on, nothing else. But at least now I know it works after all and I only have a software problem.
Any ideas how to fix my screenpad? Did anyone manage to do something similar and kick start it? I try to use it as it originally was. My fn+f6 shortcut is of course not working. When I open the .exe files in the "WindowsApps" folder , it opens the Windows Store and "virtually" installs the screenpad software, but it's still not working.
p.s Dear Asus, please write better software next time and not use Windows store

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I just hope Asus could make a new tool for screenpad. Something like a driver sweeper to reset it. OS format is not a good option and as I read in other threads, problems may continue to appear after formatting. It's a random problem