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Screenpad doesn't work in extension display mode

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Screenpad doesn't work in extension display mode. other modes work fine.
Model: UX580GD
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No


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Last edited by blake_ASUS on 2019/10/2 10:03 Hello hrshbrla, May I know was there any modification or update before this happend? And which version of Windows (1809 / 1903) and BIOS are you using now? Please try to press WIN+P, change different mode, then chose "Extend" to see if it works. Thank you so much.

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I had same issue on UX480. After Windows Update, Screenpad extended is black. Tried everything, Toolbar Update, Driver Update, Nvidia Update, Screenpad Driver Update. But nothing worked. Black screen with little mouse icon in the corner. Solution: Go to Device Manager, Graphic Cards, select Intel UHD 620 and right click "Update Driver". For whatever reason, the driver version was 24 after Windows Update. Now after update, its 25 and screen works again.Before that, I went to Windows Update Center and selected the Asus HID update, maybe that is necessary too.