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Screen Xpert Software Crashes and doesn't restart - can we adjust screen brightness from MyAsus?

Rising Star II

The Screen Expert side bar/control button stops appearing after some point after waking from sleep. It fails to restart and launching the screenxpert application again does nothing unless you go into Task Manager and kill everything relating to Sceen Expert and then try to relaunch it.

The software should have a watchdog timer to check if it has crashed and completely relaunch everything instead of having lingering threads that prevent the app from launching properly.

Also, is it not possible to have the Screenpad+ brightness adjustable from the MyAsus program? This would be a really easy work around if this keeps happening because it is super embarrassing showing this device to other people and then it doesn't work smoothly.



May I know the specific model of the laptop you are using?
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Screen Xpert to troubleshoot the issue?
If not, please refer to the following FAQ for instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling Screen Xpert to troubleshoot the issue.
Thank you.
How to find Model Name 
Install & Uninstall ScreenXpert 

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