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Proart Studiobook Laptop H7604 - first and replacement both firmware stuck!

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Proart H7604 (Intel i9/32gb/RTX4070) - Stuck in Asus Firmware... Second Machine!





First machine :

Recieved and did all the updates and installs prior to using for fun.

Everything showed installed, no Asus, Microsoft System (including the optional), Microsoft Store, ect. Plugged in, left on the desk, closed the lid.

Next morning I went to open and use. It was on the Asus logo screen with the firmware bar. I allowed it to sit for two hours, however the bar did not move more at all (When I first saw it the bar had only made it about half an inch from the start)


Connected with Asus customer service and did the restart patterns as they requested to attempt to reset the CMOS, Nothing.

I did attempt some other troubleshooting like trying to let the battery die, turning it on and off three times, even attempted a BIOs flash. Nadda.

Amazon exchanged it, and another week later I received the new one.

Did all the updates again, careful to watch for anything pending so there couldn't be any internet or power changes. Went smooth. Even got to use photoshop for a while which was so smooth and pretty compared to the machine I had prior. I did not use any of my personal backup files or any other programs that weren't in the software center (Mostly just Adobe and Microsoft products)

Next day in the morning, I see 10 new updates when I started it back up.

It did about 6 of those, required reboot, then 3 more, reboot, then the last one was an Asus firmware update (not in the optional, in the normal updates section. 

Once it was done, I agreed to the reboot. Always making sure the laptop was near the strongest area in the house for WIFI and also plugged in directly to an outlet. (No extension cords or other hurdles)

It went to the same screen, then froze again in the same spot? I had to leave for work, so I left it plugged in and on in a safe spot. Got home and it was in the same state as before.

What can I do? I have not seen any forums or reviews mentioning this issue. However, I cannot see why it would happen not once, but TWICE now.


Star II


Star II

Today I connected with Best Buy :

They said they will need to re-image the laptop, so I am paying for that. 

In addition; they showed me the current reviews from customers on Amazon thar showed up after my initial purchase. All of which are for the exact issue i have.  

Why is there no communication about this?


May I know if you currently have the device with you or if it has been returned?
I have sent you a message, please provide your product serial number through the message so that I can arrange further verification with our tech team.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

I've replied with the information including the first (returned) and second machine (waiting for resolution) serial numbers