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Please I need help with my laptop

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I had an accident in Colombia that left me paraplegic, I returned to my country Venezuela because I couldn't get a job in my condition. I decided to buy an ASUS laptop to help me and be able to work from bed, this laptop was sent from the USA and purchased on Amazon, because there is no technical support in my country it is very difficult for me to send it to the USA to attend to the technical service, I must pay myself therapies, medical costs, food, and therapies, not to mention the purchase of some KAFO type splints for my rehabilitation, I wanted to ask if you could please help me solve the problem with my laptop, sometimes when I open or close it a little the screen turns off completely for minutes or directly the laptop completely, and the numeric keyboard of the touchpad stopped working... it is an ASUS Flip S UX371 4K Oled... I don't know what to do, the costs to send it for warranty are very high for me at this moment Please help me find a solution. I have been an ASUS user on two occasions, with a ROG B550 F and this laptop, I never had problems, but at this moment I did... please help me.



Based on your description of the situation, I would still recommend that you get in touch with local customer service at your location to understand what convenient options are available for you. 
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Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.