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MyASUS | Battery Care Mode | Instant Full-Charge Mode

Star III


There is a  Settings group in MyASUS under Customization called Battery Care Mode:


The Instant Full-charge Mode promises an instant full charge over the Battery Care mode's 80% ceiling up to 100% AND it promises to turn back into battery care mode after 24 hours. This would be very comfortable since you can switch the full charge when you need it then forget it all together since it will switch back to battery care and will extend the battery lifetime. 

My problem is, if I turn on the Instant Full-charge Mode it never turns off. Not in 24, not even in 72 hours. This make the feature pointless. 

Can anybody have a solution for this? Or maybe I just completely misunderstood the feature... 

Thank you,




  • MyASUS:
  • ASUS System Control Interface:
  • Machine: 
    • Zenbook UX3402ZA
    • Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1240P 1.70 GHz
    • Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.6 GB usable)


Hello, @phermous .

Could you please try uninstall and reinstall both MyASUS and the ASUS System Control Interface v3 to confirm if the problem still exists?

Thank you.

Hi @Jiaszzz_ASUS ,

Sure, I can try. But how can I uninstall the Asus System Control Interface? I cannot find it in the Installed Apps/Programs section, nor among the Services... 

Hello, @phermous .


Please refer to the link or go to the support page for the ASUS Zenbook 14 (UX3402) and the ASUS System Control Interface v3 is under the Software and Utility section.

Meanwhile, please refer to [Notebook] How to install MyASUS application for both MyASUS and the ASUS System Control Interface v3 installation information.

Thank you.

Dear @Jiaszzz_ASUS ,

Thank you, but I found the installers already. My question was How to uninstall the ASUS System Control Interface?