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My new ZenBook UX425JA crashes when it wakes from a modest sleep! Is this a common problem?

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: both
Model: UX425JA
Frequency of occurrence: Quite frequent if sleep is longer than 2 mins
Reset OS: yes
Screenshot or video: n/a
Detailed description:

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I have this exact same model and exact same problem. My Windows is up to date. I bought the laptop in December and it's been doing it since I bought it; I would return it but I think its too late now.
Anyone got any suggestions for what I could try to stop this happening?

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Had the same problem in a laptop (not Asus). What solved it was disabling hybrid sleep. Google for hybrid sleep in windows 10 and disable it to see if it helps.

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I have the UM425IA and had been having issues not with short term sleep but long term (overnight). I've always slept my laptops overnight and never had this issue which was 2 fold for me. I had trouble pulling it out of sleep and would end up having to force reboot it, and if left in sleep overnight my battery would drain out and it'd turn off.
First off I checked Bios and W updates, all good, I went to the background apps setting and turned that off for all of them as they were all on. Then when I still had that issue I decided to use sleep for during the day if I have to go do something and yesterday set my lid close settings to hibernate but I also disabled Fast start up.
This morning I opened my lid with trepidation to find it came out of hibernation beautifully and my battery was still at 77% so I'm sticking with that for now as it worked really well. I hope this is helpful to someone.