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Magnets.. I mean Asus Pixel Shift: How does it Work?

Okay, so I realize this might be a bit of a deep-dive subject for a forum, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

I've gotten the 'short' explanation for how Pixel-shift works, but I'm curious if anyone at Asus has done a deeper dive on *how* the tech works, i.e., does it only shift parts of the screen that are static (and if so, at what point, and how does it determine when it happens) or does pixel shift affect the whole display all at once? If I choose to keep my Windows task bar un-hidden (since I hate the constant popping up and down), does pixel shift always affect the aforementioned task bar, or my desktop icons?

I have oddly specific, very pedantic questions, mostly since I just bought a #Zenbook 14x and I'm having a paranoid moment about owning an OLED laptop, and now I'm wondering if I should scrap this plan and just buy something with an IPS panel.



Regarding your question, I would suggest referring to the explanation in this FAQ. 
[LCD Monitor] ASUS OLED Monitor Protection Mechanism & Warranty Service
Thank you.

Yeah, that... doesn't actually answer any of my questions, like, at all.

I'm trying to find very specific information, including the following:
- Does the Asus Zenbook 14x OLED run a short compensation cycle when the display is off?

- Does pixel-shift move the whole display, or only sections of the display? If it's only sections of the display, does it select which elements to move algorithmically?

 - Is there a way to manually trigger a short or long compensation cycle in the Zenbook 14x OLED; these are options on many stand-alone OLED TVs and monitors, but information on the laptop end of this is almost non-existent.

These are questions that not only should Asus be capable of answering readily, with zero equivocation, it should be available online without having to dig for it. I can't even find out what kind of OLED panel is in the $1000.00 laptop I just bought


May I ask for the complete model of the laptop you are using? Additionally, I have sent you a message. Please provide your laptop's serial number through the message for further confirmation. Thank you.