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Zenbook Pro Duo 2024 Questions

Star I

Hi there,

 I purchased a 15" Pro Duo UX582LR about 2 years ago now, and I've been very happy with it overall. The 2nd screen comes in handy quite often, and I feel like the Pro Duo could be my choice for next upgrade, however I'm confused about a few things.

New product offerings only show the 14" versions with 4080s. 15s only have the 3060s 70s. Are there new versions of the 15" planned? I see the "Duo" machine being pushed (the laptop that consists entirely of two screens), is the Pro Duo being limited or something?

The other (main) thing that would prevent me from buying another Pro Duo is the RAM being maxed out at 32gb. That is seriously a deal killer. I will not purchase another of these if it is maxed out at 32. I know I'm not alone on this. Many creators who use memory intensive applications will simply pass on the convenience of this 2nd screen for the ability to perform. Why was the decision made to max out the RAM and solder it in anyway? Please don't start doing things like Apple that make your machines impossible to upgrade. Unlike Apple, there have many, many choices where to buy PC hardware/laptops. If you start limiting the upgradability of your machines like this, many will simply go somewhere else.

thanks, cheers!