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latency / IO delay problems in windows 11, Zenbook 14X OLED (UX3404), Micron 2400 SSD

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I have a Zenbook 14X OLED (UX3404) with Micron 2400 SSD and Intel XE graphics.

In windows 11 I feel it very laggy, in the below video I was showing how in MS Paint you can see line being left behind. I think it is some kind of IO delay or video delay maybe. But everything in windows 11 feels unresponsive, windows, menus, etc.

I tried installing Windows 10 too and it responds perfectly, but in windows 10 I do not find drivers for audio, touchpad and a few more unknown devices in device manager.

I tried the Intel XE video driver from Asus website, from windows update and also from intel directly (3 different deivers), in windows 11 I always get this delay regardless of driver.

I suspect it might be the Micron 2400 SSD too because while downloading a game in Steam, this latency / system unresponsiveness is much more noticeable.

Anything else I can try ? Anyone else has this probem ?



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@Falcon_ASUS I managed to get it working very smooth (with Windows 10).

I installed Windows 10 after enabling Intel Rapid Storage / VMD in bios and putting the drivers on the stick to provide them during windows install.

Then in windows I tried the win 11 drivers again from ASUS and they all work nice on Windows 10, the only one I took from another source was the thunderport drivers (from Intel website).

Now just one item is not installed in device manager "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller".

In Windows 10 it feels so much smoother, can anyone tell me if installing the Intel Rapid Storage drivers insted of  disabling the VDM in bios has an effect on performance ?

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Hello! From my experience with a Samsung 980 2TB SSD, I had this problem nearly a year because I didn't upgrade the firmware of this SSD. I remarked by clicking on MyAsus and saw that it took about more than 0.45 to show on screen. After upgrading the firmware, it takes now only about o.03 to show on screen. 

Samsung offers its software called Samsung Magician. It helps to diagnostic my SSD and check for firmware update... 


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Your Micron SSD firmware update website... 

I looked around for that firmware but ...

  • above firmware .bin for Micron 2400 returns 404 error on their site
  • downloading their "Storage Executive" ssd software sends me to a Microsoft login page, then returns an error
  • contacting them shows me a blank ~confirmation page (not sure if I contacted them or not). 

Micron seems to be a "great" company :((

Same "Storage Executive" SSD software but from Crucial says my Micron 2400 has firmware "V3MA003", but cannot download a newer one. I found another firmware .bin file for Micron 2400 on 3rd party website but Storage Executive software from Crucial is not accepting it. Things I try are already too sketchy.

I am now trying to install WIndows 11 on an USB NVME with Samsung 970 PRO, then maybe open the laptop and try putting this Samsung on the motherboard if the USB doesn't give better results than the Micron.

Too bad I don't have all the Win 10 drivers for the laptop, it runs so smooth on Windows 10.

May I know the exact model of the laptop you are using? 
Also, could you please confirm if the SSD you are currently using is the one provided by us or if you have replaced it yourself?