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Charging older laptops with a USB-C powerbank

Star I

The future of charging mobile devices will be based on the USB-C power delivery protocol.

I was thinking of buying a USB-C powerpack which I could use to charge my (3+ years old) Asus Zenbook - and future devices.

This gives a problem in that my current Zenbook is charged via a 19Volts DC barrel jack size 4mm/1.3mm. Standard charger has 65 watt capacity.

There are devices available called trigger modules connected
**  input to the USB-C charger (or powerpack)
** output to a conventional DC power jack.
The trigger module handles the handshaking to the USB-C charger and can select any of 5, 9, 12 15 and 20 volts. Sometimes called ZY12PDN devices.

Does anyone have any experience of using such a module? Out of box it would be delivering 20 volts which is 1 volt more than specified input.  Is that (real world) going to matter?

Interested to hear of anyone's experience here. Thanks.



This depends on whether your laptop's connection port supports charging.
Please provide the full model name of your laptop so that I can confirm the spec of USB TYPE-C for you.
Thank you.
How to find Model Name 

The unit is Asus Zenbook UX-433FA.
Its charger is 65Watt, 19 volts, and connects via a 4 mm/1.35 mm barrel jack.
The idea is to use a USB-C power pack to charge the laptop by including a USB-C trigger adaptor. 
Google "USB-C trigger adaptor" - plenty of info out there which shows what these adaptors will do.


Unfortunately, the USB TYPE-C of your laptop does not support charging.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Star I

You clearly have not understood my question.