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can i use my laptop while charging?

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I had purchased ASUS Vivobook 16x but after 1.5 months of use its motherboard got damaged, i got it replaced through the service center but they told me that it got damaged because i used it while charging.

hance, i am very confused whether i can use it on power or not?



May I inquire about the complete model number of the laptop you are using? 
How to find Model Name
Could you please share the reason for your previous laptop repair?
Below is information regarding battery usage for your reference.
[Notebook] ASUS Battery Information Center
ASUS Battery Health Charging - Introduction
Thank you.

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It's Asus vivobook 16x M1603QA.

I still need to know the reason for the previous repair in order to determine which usage may have led to the specific component failure.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

After 1.5 months from the date of purchasing the  laptop, I was working on a pdf and the laptop was plugged in, but suddenly the screen turned black and nothing was there on the screen, but the indicating light was on and the fan was also working. 

Then the very next day I took it to the service centre and after examining it they told me that the laptop's motherboard was dead.