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1 year old Vivobook 15 Pro Oled doesn’t switch on

Star I

The story of me and Vivobook 15 Pro Oled begins about a year ago, when I bought it for 1000 pounds in John Lewis. After couple of month, in just random day this beauty didn’t turn on. By didn’t turn on I mean that after I pressed the turn on button nothing happened. The screen remained black and the fans didn’t start working. The only thing that changed were the lights on the side panel (the bulb, and battery). Also worth mentioning the laptop was on charge and was fully charged. After couple of attempts of pressing and holding the switch in button it finally showed some signals of life of automatic reboot. But sometimes before the repair there was a black screen with two options available: to install a new processor or use the existing one (unfortunately I didn’t take any photos). After that it worked fine for couple of months and it happened again in a few. Couple of days ago it happened I think for it’s 10th time but this time it doesn’t want to switch on entirely. Unfortunately my ASUS warranty for this product ended up a month ago. This situation sucked all my energy and hope in this product that it can be fixed. I also want to mention that for me 1000 pounds are great money and is a big shock that this product has these enormous issues. I will try to return it by the John Lewis’s warranty as still one year of it remains. 


Accepted Solutions

I suggest you refer to the information here. 

If the issue still cannot be resolved, I would suggest you bring back your laptop to our service center for further confirmation.

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Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 

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Star III

I have this issue today, but nothing happens after I repeatedly pressed and hold the power button to shut down and restart.... Haven't tried removing and reinstall the battery cuz I'm scare it would void the warranty. 

I’m sure that it’s not the problem with the battery. I think that’s the problem with bios, cause I also received some messages from the Windows security before, and was said about not enough space of tmp or smth. 

Yea I'm skeptical about it too but that's the only way that I haven't tried. Come to think of it, I had some issues login windows yesterday too. My laptop said that it cannot retrieve my pin number and ask me if i want to wait a moment and relogin later or just reset. I'm about to have an online meeting at that moment so of course i choose reset. That's the only sus thing happened before it cannot boot up this morning.


I've just noticed that my battery indicator would blink even when it is plugged in. And when i shut down the laptop the power indicator flash red and disappeared. Is this normal?