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Slight concave bend on my Zenbook UX325EA just under the touchpad area

Hi,I recently noticed that there is a slight concave bend just below the touchpad (picture attached). I don't know what caused it. It seems warped and it happened by itself. What could've caused it? And could it be replaced, since I have an extended ...

mksnhpc by Star I
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Touchpad on my Zenbook UX325EA only works when I press alt or fn key

Hi,In the recent past, i was encountering issues with my touchpad and had it replaced (The service center said that they replaced the motherboard too). Till a couple of days the touchpad was working fine, until it started acting up again and started ...

mksnhpc by Star I
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Resolved! Zenbook 14 UX3402VA f10 hotkey light always on

I cannot turn the orange light on my f10 key off no matter what I do. The camera app can always open the camera so the issues is not just the light being on. I've tried using the hotkey, restarting the pc, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling MyAsus ap...

ZenBook GPU's - Can I separate outputs?

My ZenBook Flip uses intel GPU and Nvidia GeForce 1050. Is is possible to separate the two, and direct the intel graphics output to the attached native display and have the Nvidia output go through the HDMI for secondary display only?

Mark_S by Star I
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Resolved! Sharing my experiences with Samsung SSD 980 Pro 2TB

Hi there...Last year, I replaced the default 1TB SSD of my Zenbook duo 14 pro (model UX8402ZE) and I found that I could not get a real performance of this high end SSD. Several weeks ago,   a sudden slow performance often occured. After searching for...

FongPoui by Rising Star II
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Resolved! Windows 11 license

Hi there... After updating my Samsung SSD 980 Pro (2TB) because of its slow perforamce, I made a cloud recovery from Bios. I found the label as shown in the attached file: "Your windows license supports only one display language". Is that correct? If...

FongPoui by Rising Star II
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Resolved! ASUS RMA Nightmare

First let me say that I have owned numerous ASUS products over the years and have returned to ASUS each time  due to the quality and performance of their products - to date, I’ve had 3 ASUS laptops.This message is almost a cry for help, I desperately...

missing thunderbolt controller on ux490

UX490UARi7-8550U / 16GBUX490 has two TB ports.Anyway, Missng the Thunderbolt Controller on Device Manager.There is nothing in  Attached Thunderbolt Devices.the Controller Driver version is N/A. How can i recover this?

byKim by Star I
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UX8402ZE Thunderbolt Ports?

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: ACModel: Zenbook Pro Duo 14 (UX8402ZE.307)Bios: 307GOP Version: 21.0.1046EC Version: F00A2240A.310Frequency of occurrence: Always-----------Windows is not detecting any Thunderbolt 3 or 4 devices as Thunderbolt. I hav...