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MyAsus (4.0.3) cannot apply Fan profile selection

With the new version of MyAsus, after selecting Standard or Performance Mode and clicking on Apply, the result is always set back to Whisper mode. How to solve this problem?  

FongPoui by Rising Star II
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Switch& recovery missing in MyAsus

I just bought a new Zenbook. I try to transfer files from my old laptop, but there is no Switch&recovery feature in the MyAsus app.What should I do?Thanks is advance!#zenbook #switch&recovery

Keyboard Long Lag

My laptop has a long ass lag, I literally have to hold the key in for 5 long seconds for it to go through. What do you think I need to do? 

Fixing ZenBook sleep/wake issues

Model: Asus Zenbook Flip UX461UA and possibly other ZenBook modelsOS: Windows 10 and 11BIOS: 321 (latest)------------------------------There are many threads describing problems with this and other ZenBooks where the laptop would freeze on sleep/hibe...

MyAsus 4.0.3

After updating MyAsus to 4.0.3 version, there is no more option for Fan issue check...In the old version, I found it very useful. 

FongPoui by Rising Star II
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Zenbook Pro 14, dock and Solidworks

Hello!At the brink of buying but need to verify:I would like to know if the Simpro Dock 2 is compatible with the Zenbook Pro 14.My setup is two QHD screens and USB-C charging via the Docking station is a must. (so adapter can stay in the bag!)Can som...

Laptop already registered

My zenbook states it still has warranty but is registered to another account so I cannot extend the warranty.I bought it open box at bestbuy.Is tghere anyway to register the laptop with myasus account.

tsblind by Star II
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ASUS UM425IA Display Issues: Mysterious Flickering and Blackouts

I've been encountering some perplexing issues with my laptop display, and despite multiple attempts to diagnose the problem, I'm reaching out to our community for insights and assistance.The problem is intermittent, making it challenging to pinpoint ...

Slight concave bend on my Zenbook UX325EA just under the touchpad area

Hi,I recently noticed that there is a slight concave bend just below the touchpad (picture attached). I don't know what caused it. It seems warped and it happened by itself. What could've caused it? And could it be replaced, since I have an extended ...

mksnhpc by Star I
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