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When you turn on the laptop - Fingerprint scanner does not work.

Rising Star II

When I turn on the laptop, I can't unlock it with my fingerprint, the scanner doesn't react at all...


When you reboot the device, or unlock it - there are no problems, everything works!

OS Build 22621.1413

The version of the fingerprint driver, I don’t know where to look, the driver was installed through Windows Update.


Based on your current situation, what we can advise you is
1. Back up the data first, then restore the system.
2. If the problem persists, please send for repair and check the fingerprint module.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

But after all, when you reboot or unlock, the scanner works fine!

So it is logical that everything is in order with him, and there is no malfunction.

Just something when you turn it on prevents it from starting on time.

Rising Star II


Surprisingly, I removed the driver according to the instructions that you sent me earlier, and immediately installed the downloaded driver from the ASUS website, since last Friday, everything is working fine.

Fingerprint unlocking occurs both when you turn it on, reboot, and when you unlock the device.

Rising Star II


I rushed to a conclusion.

Today the scanner did not work when turned on.

It's been great for almost a week...

What do you advise?
I think it's a driver issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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