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I get many many UserModePowerService events in Event Viewer, when on battery. One every few seconds

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Hello everyone,

My laptop: Vivobook X1502ZA, Windows 11 22H2, BIOS 312

I am writing because I notice in Event Viewer's System log that many many events from Source UserModePowerService come up. Please look at the screenshot.

All of them appear to have the same message: "Process C:\Windows\System32\WUDFHost.exe (process ID:3944) reset policy scheme from {381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e} to {381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e}". Also, the Event ID 12 and Task Category 10.

Out of 18910 total number of events in Event Viewer's System log, 12384 are this event (same source, event id, task category)... And I installed Windows recently, on 21st July. So you can imagine my discomfort...

From my observations, the problem appears when the laptop is on battery. When it's plugged-in, I didn't notice it. When on battery, I noticed that when "Power Mode" is set on "Balanced" then there are really many of these events - they come up sometimes several times in a single second... The screenshot is with Power Mode on Balanced - you can see their frequency there. When Power Mode is on "Best power efficiency", I noticed less but still relatively a lot - approx. 37 of these events in 5 minutes. When Power Mode is set on "Best performance", I noticed in 5 minutes only one such event - so in "Best performance" there seems to be no issue.

From what I researched on other forums, there are others who have this problem (but I couldn't find with Asus laptops, only other manufacturers). It seems that those with 12th gen Intel CPU can have this problem. Also, that Intel DTT driver could be blamed - but I have the version that is on the Asus site.

I mention that my Windows is licenced and that all the drivers are installed by Windows Update and MyAsus. In MyAsus it says "Your device is updated". Also, I mention that I reinstalled Windows recently, and this problem appeared before reinstalling as well as after.

This problem, although not critical, is really an inconvenience. Event Viewer is a very useful journal that we need in order to diagnose system problems, and its efficiency is really weakened with this flood of useless messages.

Thank you for any help!



May I ask if you could provide a screenshot of the recent Windows Update history for us to review?
If possible, could you also provide a video of the process during which the issue occurred, for us to investigate further?
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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@Falcon_ASUS  Thank you for your reply and the willingness to investigate. I contacted Asus support (in my country) a few days ago, and the one who replied to me didn't offer to investigate - he said it's nothing to worry about... But, as I told you, out of 18910 total number of events in Event Viewer's System log, 12384 are this event. That's about 65% of the total events, with something that is completely superfluous...

I attach here a screenshot of the Windows Update history. As I told you, I reinstalled Windows on 21st July, and I noticed this issue before the reinstall also. On 11th July I noticed it the first time. I have the laptop since December 2022. It's possible that this issue was present since the beginning, only just I didn't notice - maybe I didn't check Event Viewer while on battery.

I didn't include the drivers update history in the screenshot, so if you need that too I can take more screenshots.

I also took a video with my smartphone of the process. I will attach it in the next reply, as I am limited to only 1 attachment per message. The video is taken with the "Power Mode" on "Balanced".

If it helps, here are some forum topics I found, that describe a similiar if not the same problem:

Lenovo forum - Constantly resetting power policy scheme , Reddit - Dell laptop frequent UserModePowerService events , Dell forum - Multiple UserModePowerService Event Id 12 events , Tom's Hardware forum - My own question 

Thank you in advance,


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Here is the video, attached. I lowered its quality so that it can match the maximum size allowed on this forum. If you want a better quality version, you can download it from this link: (235MB, 1080p)

The video is taken with the "Power Mode" on "Balanced" and is almost 2 minutes long.

I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.