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Best Diagnostic Program?

Star I

I've been having issues with my Laptop (Asus x571GT) with some weird whirling noises coming from the HDD area.
But after checking the logs and seeing the stats in Task Manager, I've ruled out the HDD but I haven't been able to isolate the problem/sound.

Does anybody recommend a utility program that I can run that will check all the hardware/software to see what's causing that noise (it happens randomly) ? Or a program so when I see the stats I can say "Oh THAT is running really high at the same time I heard this noise, so it must be that" ?
I suspect it might be the fan, but need to have something concrete.

I read UserBenchMark is supposed to be pretty good, but online reviews trash it and when I went to download from the website, my Bitdefender said there was a Trojan inside.

Recommendations, please!




From our standpoint, we would recommend that you check through MyASUS.
[Notebook] MyASUS - System Diagnosis

Thank you.