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Loud Whirling Noise from Laptop / Best Computer Diagnostic Program?

Star I


I have an Asus X571GT laptop.

Two days ago, I start my day waking my laptop from sleep/hibernate mode, and go shower.
I come back from the shower and I hear my HDD making a LOUD WHIRLING noise. Coming from the bottom right of the laptop. (Picture attached)


As of the fan is going into overdrive. That kinda sound.

I quickly close everything and put my laptop back into sleep/hibernate mode. I turn it back on a few minutes later, and the noise is gone. I start using my computer and suddenly the HDD goes into overdrive again. Loud whirling noise. 
This time I shut everything down. Start > Shut down. Leave it alone for 20min, turn it back on. Back to normal.
Everything is fine.

For the past 2 days, it's sounds normal. However, when you're using it, if the room is quiet, you can hear a faint buzzing noise coming from the HDD area. Very faint. 
Today I took it to a computer shop for them to look at it. Explained what happened. They said they opened it up and couldn't find anything.
No news is better than good news, I'll take it.

4 hours later, I'm using my laptop. If it's just sitting there, it's fine. If I'm using Microsoft word, it's fine. I open up a browser, sometimes it stays fine. Sometimes the HDD starts to whirl up again. Same Loud whirling noise. I immediately close everything and shut it down.

I've opened up Task Manager and everything looks normal. Nothing is spiking. Nothing is at 100% usage.

1) Anybody have any idea what could be the issue?

2) Does anybody have a diagnostic program that runs behind the scenes, and once an error occurs, will be able to show me exactly what is happening to the computer (Graphics Card overheating. Fan overclocking, etc)