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Docking station for Zenbook UX582H

System: Battery or AC: Model: Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:I have a ABI WAZY USB C docking station can I run the laptop through the USB c -input (DP-3) it supports 100W ? or do I...

paulh by Star I
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Suggestions for Productivity laptop with SSD & HDD

I currently have an FX503VM but considering buying a new laptop and checking the best suitable laptop that fits my work.I am mostly doing programming, 3D design, and CPU-heavy rendering. So thinking about landing on i7 or Ryzen 7GPU doesn't really ma...

Resa by Star I
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About out of stock

When will Asus vivobook 14 pro ( nvidia GTX 1650 ) available?

Upgrade Asus Vivobook M513 RAM

I want to ask Asus Vivobook 15 OLED (M513, AMD Ryzen 5000 series)AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500U8GB DDR4 on board512GB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 SSDThere is a free RAM slot, how much more RAM can i add to upgrade? 8Gb or 16GB?Thank you 

henwins by Star I
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Does Asus A510U aka Vivobook S15 X510UF supports M.2 SSD NVME?

Does Asus A510U aka Vivobook S15 X510UF supports M.2 SSD NVME? The M.2 slot is a bit confusing as there is only a single notch on that M.2 socket, someone says if the M.2 socket got only one notch means it supports both NVME and SATA. But some other ...

Tedd by Star I
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What type of SSD is best for an upgrade

Hi, I'm seeking information on the exact SSD type that will my ASUS laptop, the model is ASUS A556UQK. I would like to know the exact information needed and type of SSD that will match the above mentioned laptop. Thank you

Oniovo by Star I
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Asus vivobook x510uf-ej610t

My laptop (asus vivobook x510uf-ej610t) currently has 16gb optane. I want to upgrade to ssd 256gb. I want to know whether my laptop supports m2 nvme or m2 sata3. Thanks in advance!!


Model: vivobook flip 14 tm420ua========================Detailed description:after 4 mnths of buying its one side got broken and after 8 mnths the another side got broken, I got surprised when i seen same issue with another user on this portal only, h...

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