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ROG 7 & 8 issues on A14 now being published worldwide on Tech websites.

Rising Star II

Rog 8 users ! 

If you also want to be heard go and leave your comment on the following link I have provide below , otherwise you will end up the way Asus did with us ( Rog 7 users ) . ! Join us now. 

Finally, we are now being heard everyone !

Droidwin ( A YouTuber) wrote a topic regarding overheating , fps drop , air triggers malfunction , and other issues on A14 .

I spoke with the author and he mentioned, " The more the number of user reports, the faster will be the chances of the issue getting in the eyes of Asus, and the quicker it might get addressed or at least we might get the downgrade package from them."

Please voice your concerns in the comment section on the following link :

@MiroS I have posted this on Rog 8 as you asked me to. Please ask other rog 8 users to unite with us as we are all on the same boat. 


Rising Star II

For those of you who are just sitting back and waiting for fix for your ROG 8 phones.

Dear @Mattias_ASUS 

You have asked for our logs regarding the overheating issue and I tremendously did everything I could to ask each and every users on this forum to co-operate with me and send the logs you need so that you can pass them to the dev team. You have also told me most issues take so much of time because people don't send their logs for some reasons.

At first you mentioned to me that, " 👇"


Many users after sending their logs have asked me why Mattias is saying that 45 C is a normal temperature for ROG 7 when being played while the phone is not plugged into a charger !!

reply from Mattias_Asus.png

We all know , there was no high overheating issue back on A13. At least , we are all pretty sure that our ROG 7 phones never rose dramatically more than 33 to 35 C even without a cooling fan on A13. 

Another user , Jimik downgraded his phone and he also mention his temperature while playing games and when his phone being idle. The link is below ! So how on earth is this possible now that 45 C is a n ormal temperature after we all sent our logs ! Why this matter is not taking seriously by Asus !

@Titan_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS 



Why are Asus dev teams nor anyone else are accepting the fact that , we never had these issues ! Why ? Why all these issues happening to our phones ?

Matias told me same thing that 36 degrees was normal but bro! I told him that I used to get 33 degrees (both temperatures using cooler X) but after last update this sht got worst and worst, and bro 36 degrees burns literally your fingers, who wants to play on a phone which gets 36 degrees using a cooler of 170 dollars it's that cooler trash? Or was their update? I don't know but they ignore us and they don't wanna work, Matias told me that I've to send my phone if I want a roll back update but I can't send my phone because it's my daily phone, they must provide us an update to roll back or instead of that they must fix their firmware. 

Rising Star I

I replied on the droid win site I wrote this:

Asus rog phone 7 has failed us we paid 1400 dollars for a premium phone but phones under 500 dollar performs much better they don't fix their faulty updates they don't care about our concerns if they keep denying better give us our money back I have warranty. I woke up one day with 66 degrees rog phone 7 I burned my hand when I held my phone in my hand I turned off the device and put it in the freezer I was scared I would explode if this happens I am gonna sue the hell out of Asus for millions of dollars, one more thing fps drops in games are terrible it literally destroyed my fun in mobile gaming terrible performance for a overpriced premium gaming phone which does everything except gaming, Asus doesn't fix their faulty software they don't care about anything we should all start a lawsuit.

I would guess that this is a design issue, as this type of device is not suitable for use as a gaming laptop.