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ROG 7 issues on A14 now being published worldwide on Tech websites.

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Finally, we are now being heard everyone !

Droidwin ( A YouTuber) wrote a topic regarding overheating , fps drop , air triggers malfunction , and other issues on ROG 7 A14 .

I spoke with the author and he mentioned, " The more the number of user reports, the faster will be the chances of the issue getting in the eyes of Asus, and the quicker it might get addressed or at least we might get the downgrade package from them."

Please voice your concerns in the comment section on the following link :


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Droidwin warns user due to high overheating :

If there was still any iota of doubt that it was just a one-off incident, then we could now quash all those suspicions to rest as we are now receiving a plethora of logs from various affected users. As is evident from those logs, the temperature easily reaches 47 degrees Celsius even when the device is discharging.This could prove to be quite a scary situation if it isn’t addressed at the earliest. In the meantime, we advise the users not to use their device for a prolonged time period as things might take a turn for the worse, so a cool down period for your device is a must, at least for the next few weeks until [or rather if] the issue is addressed.





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