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An update on the downgrade I received.

Rising Star II

I got downgraded to the stable Android 13 version about a couple of weeks ago here in Finland. Today I noticed a big change, I believe that the battery is now fully optimized for my own use and the system has stabilized after the downgrade. Today I played ranked matches for 6 hours straight in cod Mobile using x mode without a cooler. My phone's battery only drained 50% in six hours and the system temperature didn't rise higher than 36°C even though I didn't use a cooler and i use x mode. It's strange because with Asus' own Android 13 system "WW_33.0820.0810.241" the temperature rose without a cooler to 40°C or higher using x mode. I got that system with a downgrade from a service here in Finland, but not from Asus's own service, and the phone feels much cooler than the same system provided by Asus last year. Anyway, the phone is really cool now, if I don't use the phone, its temperature is really low (photo included). The temperature inside my house is around 23°C. The gaming experience is otherwise great and there are no fps drops or any other problems. I don't use wifi, i use 300mb unlimited 5G mobile data.



Rising Star I

Unfortunately, we are not all from Finland and even worse, we do not have an ASUS repair service. 

If I go to an external service center they're going to root the phones and I'm going to lose all the guarantee of my equipment and that's not the idea. 

I would love for Asus to help us with degradation but it's just a wish, I'm sure they wouldn't lift a finger so we can degrade. 

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New virson

Rising Star I

as dreamed, has good performance and doesn't heat up on Android 13 🙂

Rising Star II

That's awesome. Wish I could downgrade min in Finland too.