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ROG Phone 5 Firmware and security updates

Star I


I am wanting to update my firmware and security patch level on my ROG Phone 5. 

Current firmware is WW_18.0830.2101.86 and patch is 5 Jan 2021. Pic attached.

Is there somewhere I can download all the firmware updates between what I have and the latest? There is absolutely nothing on the Asus tech centre.

Thanks in advance.


Star II

Now, the only way to get up to date is to find the android 12 raw file and android 13 July security OTA update. You will not be able to update to the August patch or later. Try looking inside the xda forums. The mods here on zentalk are helpless and useless when asking about the disappearance of the update files from the official website. 

Which version is this? I'm guessing and hoping the WW version of the rom?


We would like to inform you that we no longer provide previous firmware versions or downgraded software packages on ASUS official website. This is to ensure that the security updates on your phone remain up-to-date with the latest firmware versions. We appreciate your understanding and patience. If you have any question or need assistance, please feel free to visit our service center or call the service hot line, we will do our best to provide help for your questions. 
The following is the contact information:
Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information:
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.