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App crash, Network lagging, phone is absolutely slow

Sir, what brings you here? Your Android 13 version contains numerous problems and issues. Previously, my phone worked better save for a network issue. But now that I've updated, it's driving me insane, dude. What should I do? I'm performing youtube l...

Consecutive repairing in mobile

First in my ROG phone 5, i found a problem regarding SIM 2 not working, vibration problem and fingerprint sensor related problem, so i sent my phone to service center and after 20 days, i got my phone returned. Suddenly within a week, i got the same ...

Wifi problem

After updated to android 13, sometimes rog phone 5 wifi can't turn on. Only can be turn on after restart the phone. Almost 1-2days have to restart the phone 1 time just to turn back on the wifi.


I have an Asus Rog Phone5 phone and for a few days I can't turn on wifi when I press the wifi icon it tells me that wifi is waiting but it gives me an error I go into the settings and try to turn it on from there but I  it indicates that the bar is o...

ROG 5 Bug in headset mode

I have an ROG 5, recently the headset mode can't be turn off even though there is no headset plug in. Can anybody help me how to fix it?

ROG 5 genshin impact increase performance

Firmware.221/latestUse  hardcore tuning "advance" and try copying my settings in the vid. " Caution "you need a decent cooler or the aero cooler 6 before using this profile . My max temp while recording during gameplay  while using the aero cooler 6 ...

MT0 by Rising Star II
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ROG Phone 5 - Performance Increases

Model Name: ROG Phone 5 (I005DA)Firmware version: 33.0210.0210.221Rooted or not: NotFrequency of occurrence: Most of the time (~80%)App name: Armoury crate and Game Genie? Alright, this might sounds dumb. So, I got this phone eventually even after Da...

Far7799 by Star III
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