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Air Trigger Not Working and issues with game Genie and animation duration scale

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Model Name: ROG Phone 5S

Firmware Version: ? (Up To Date Stable 33.0210.0210.235)

Attaching screenshots of device details

Rooted Or Not: Not Rooted

Frequency Of Occurrence: All The Time

App Name & App Version: Game Genie (version, Air Triggers & Display Animation Duration Scale

Game genie stops working sometimes. Don't have screenshot of it though.

Air trigger not working. It happened all of a sudden one morning for the very first time. Did factory reset, tried safe mode (doing it fixed the issue two times but the issue just occurred again shortly afterward) , and got it checked at the service centre. They said it's software issue since when they checked the hardware, then the hardware turned out to be working fine with old software version. When i reboot my phone, then I can feel air triggers vibrate but when my phone is completely up and I go to the settings to check air triggers, then they don't work anymore. trying to go back and forth between safe mode and normal mode did fix it twice so far but it is back to the same stage where it does not work anymore.

Animation scale changes on its own. Attaching a video of how to recreate the issue.



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Accepted Solutions

Hello @Sammmmm 

Consider buying IQOO. I was gonna buy IQOO BMW Model but my brother suggested me to buy this ROG Phone 5S instead. It's motherboard crashed and had to be replaced within 6 months of buying it and then it's air trigger stopped working. Had to get new air triggers installed but they stopped working too due to software issue which the developers haven't been able to fix even though so much time has passed.

Don't wait. It is hopeless. Try IQOO instead. IQOO is good. Far better than ROG in terms of durability with same level of performance. I have already ordered my IQOO. Once that is arrived, I will put nails in my ROG and hang it on a cross instead of passing on this suffering to someone else 😅. Good luck. God Bless.

cc: @Mattias_ASUS @Rogphone5 

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I kept switching back and forth between the safe mode and normal mode. After reboot, I went to the settings again to check the air Triggers. And now it is working fine again. Please fix this software bug. I will update if I see the issue again and find out what exact steps i followed that somehow fixed this software bug. I guess it has something to do with game genie because when air trigger got fixed, game genie also started working normally.

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Facing the same problem with air trigger again

Got a screenshot of game genie not working at the same time


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Doing the following steps fixes this software glitch temporarily

Please fix this software issue ASAP and please reply

1. Reboot

2. Go to air trigger settings

3. Rotate phone side ways so that you see the screen rotation symbol at the top right of your screen from that POV before entering 'preference and touch settings'

And now if you test air Triggers, then it can be seen working again

Attaching the video


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Hello @Mattias_ASUS ,

Can you please take a look and let me know if there is anything else that I need to provide?