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My Asus Rog phone 5s speakers are not loud after a firmware update 

Asus rog 5s dead issue

I am using ASUS rog 5s since 1 and half year. It was running smoothly till date. But yesterday it turned off suddenly while I was using and didn't turned on again. My battery percentage was above 50 and I tried plugging in and led not glowed. Someday...

Game Genie Crashing

I've been using my ROG 5s, but recently airtiggers suddenly stopped working. There were moments when I restart my phone. Air triggers would work again but only for 1 gaming session. After closing and reopening a game air triggers won't work.Then afte...

ROG Phone 5S suddenly died

My ROG Phone 5s is only 1 year old, suddenly it died when opening Shopee when the battery was 80%. The charge indicator doesn't light up when it's plugged. The phone has never been dropped, never taken in water. How come? I need this phone to make tr...

Air Triggers Not Working

I was playing game and my air Triggers stopped suddenly. I have tried restart, cleaned up storage and cache of Armoury crate but it is still not working.

Rog 5s Aair Trigger

Air triggers of Rog 5s were not working android 13 then I switched back to android 11 still it's not working please help me asap

Sammmmm by Star III
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Asus ROGPhone5

Здравствуйте, приложение "сообщения" обновила, как сделать в настройках чтобы было видно, что сообщение доставлено тому кому я его написала? Раньше было такое, после обновления системы или приложения сообщения этого не стало? Если можно найти, подска...

Wifi hotspot dead? It's Asus fault

Tomorrow my wifi hotspot dead company ask me for pay because company fault they know rog 5s  and 5 WiFi hotspot dead issue they deny to repair how can I trust company if they didn't complete promise I wish I buy other device it's pain have rog phone ...

Zapx by Star I
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