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Kunai 3 gamepad malfunctioning

Star I

Using ROG phone 5s version 33.0210.0210.242 (used for 14 months)

Android 13

Kunai 3 gamepad S/N M7ACLZ0012346PH (used for 1 week)

USB connection connects using bumper case. Blutooth connection connects but only home button works.

Playing Fortnite - the controls get stuck on one button at a time. Sometimes its the RT or the LT or the left joystick or the right joystick. Each time lasts approximately 10 seconds and stops. It may be ok for 10 seconds, less or more and does it again. It is very random with the function and the time. It worked well the first week and now is playing up constantly. I look after my belongings and have not mistreated it.. It has done a Firmware update a few times in the last day.