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Rog 5s dead exactly after 1 year 1 day after an update.

Its really strange to see that the rog 5s phone was dead exactly one day after the warranty expired that too after an update. It updated automatically and switched off on its own and did not restart again. Tried every possible way as per few suggesti...

WiFi not turning on

Can someone fix this stupid problems? What the actual f is wrong with asus? Wifi is not turning on restarting factory reset i've done it all and its not working.

axle007 by Star I
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Does not work Wi-Fi

The **bleep** who made this phone, catch my eye, I'll shove this rock background up your ass, and the invalid who picked up this rickets, I'll burn out your eyes with a soldering iron 

Wi Fi not working after update

After updating the Wi Fi is not working ASUS is big company why this issue is not fixed. After this issue I think I don't want to buy ASUS ROG Phone again

rog 5s

rog 5 s wifi and hotspot stop working 

Arridh by Star I
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ROG Phone 5S Mati total

saya penguna ROG Phone 5S belum ada 1 tahun beli dan kondisi New baru pake 5 bulan wifi mati dan sekarang mati total. Setelah saya lihat di forum kok masalah nya sama. Ini Asus bagi mana ya? Buknya ada pelindunga konsumen. Jujur saya sangat kecewa sa...

Ignaz by Star II
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Resolved! After motherboard replacement. Worst exp.

My Asus Rog 5 is good and give best performance until I replaced my motherboard...after replaced too many lag issue in bgmi, turn off some time and heating issue.