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Issue with camera, speakers, calls on Rog phone 5 ultimate

Star I

I had recently updated my Android system on Rog phone 5 ultimate and issues started to pop up like crazy. First front top speaker stopped working and now I need to take calls on speaker mode as only bottom speakers are working. Wifi gets disconnected automatically. Front cam is not turning on. Photos taken from back camera distorts images after photo is taken. 

Last time I updated phone motherboard had some issues and had to be replaced. After each official system update new issues will occur.

It is a worst phone. #rogphone Stop calling yourself best performance phone when you you provide phone that needs frequent visits to service centers.

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We apologize for the significant inconvenience this is causing you. To better assist you, please contact your nearest service center. Thank you!

Service Center Locator

I did visit to the service center, they asked to keep phone for 15 days atleast to check the issue. They had not provided satisfactory analysis or replacement phone.