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Xflow 13, 2 things that needs tweak/fix

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Hello ASUS,
I purchased the xflow 13 and have to say its a beautiful and consistent machine in many ways. Your software upates fixed one of the most annoying aspects which I have to say came as a surprise, however there are still 2 things that would need to be done:
1.) The sleep function is broken. When putting the notebook into sleep mode it instantly wakes with turned on screen, having massive battery drain.
2.) While the positioning of the speakers are weird, the speakers themselves have an amazing range and sound quality to them, however they are a little quiet. I tested if this is a limitation of the actual hardware or software. I boosted the sound by quite a bit via software and the amps had no problem pushing more power into the speaker, making them significantly louder while retaining music quality, no screeching or the like. I would love to see an update that allows the notebook to push more power into the speakers without having to need 3rd party programs doing it, they can absolutely handle it, whoever designed those speakers get an A++, they have a very macbook feel to them, which is a high praise in the thin and light segment, they only lack a bit volume.

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