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Why is it so hard to buy an ASUS laptop?

Star I
I got yet another offer from ASUS in my in-basket telling me how easy it is to go to the ASUS Canada website to buy a computer. There is even a link in the email if I want to chat. Unfortunately, that link takes me to a page where there is no chat option. So I decided to just browse for a laptop. I used the drop down selectors on the left to narrow my options. I wanted:
1. resolution HD Full (1920x1080)
2. 16 GB RAM
3. 1 TB SSD
4. Windows 10 or 11 Home
5. 14-17 inch screen
After selecting items 1-4 I see that for screen size I can select 14 and 16. I select 14, and when the screen refreshes I can no longer also select 16. So I unselect 14.
I also want a backlit keyboard but this wasn't an option for the search. What I end up with in the displayed list includes phrases such as:
1. up to 16 GB memory
2. Up to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor
3. Up to 1 TB SSD storage
4. Up to 512 GB SSD
First of all, when I have already specified 1TB SSD, why am I being offered an option of "up to 512 GB SSD"?
In any case, soldiering on I select an item only to be told "Hi, our website is temporarily closed for service enhancements.
We'll be back shortly.Thank you for your patience!"
Going back to ASUS Canada and starting over I see that I no longer have the option to select drive type or size. I also see I no longer get prices. What I DO get are buttons saying "Learn More" and "Where to buy". I would have thought the "where to buy" would be ASUS but clearly I am mistaken. Clicking "Learn More" still doesn't tell me the price. And "where to buy" takes me to the same page as "Learn more".
So I start again from the email link and eventually get to the point where I select a unit and get to a page where I can "Customize your own Vivobook Flip 14 TM420 (AMD Ryzen 5000 Series)"
Leaving aside the fact that the previous page said "up to 1 TB SSD", the only option under customize is 512 GB SSD.
This is the second worst experience shopping at ASUS ever. The worst was several months ago when I discovered that none of the laptops I selected were actually for sale. And when I told the rep what my specs were, he emailed me within the hour with his recommendation. And when I went to buy it, I was told it wasn't being sold any more.