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Set Password to complete registration

Star I

How to register. why always asking set up new password. even i set up new password i doesn't accept the password i created. 



May I ask where you are setting the password? Is it for the laptop itself or for a specific website? 

to your asus website i want to register my new laptop but unfortunately it keep asking me for password which i don't know. ill try to reset the password but they asked me my old password. 

when i login with my google account using my google account password it should be same right?
here is the screenshot


From your screenshot, it appears that you have clicked on 'Sign in or register with ASUS account,' not the Google account. 
If you click on the Google account, it should redirect you to the Google login page.
If you still encounter issues, it is recommended to contact local customer support for assistance.
The following is the contact information: 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Star I

my account is already log in with my google account but when i want to add my new loptop it asked me again for password which that screen shot and i dont know why.