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No response from moderator

Star III

Why not we promote those problem under asus social page like Facebook or Instagram, because they can't read it from forum. We might need to switch platform to address the issues.



May I ask what kind of issues you are encountering in the use of the product?

I have provide my problem and my build number, even my log file to forums. But no reply until now ? I am user for rog 7, when purchase the rog 7 phone , it come with bombastic advertising and a lot feature in internet.

When reporting a problem/enquiry, never come back  an answer. Moderator request me to provide details for investigation but no response after provide details. 


Since here is the laptop product section, I have forwarded your feedback to the relevant personnel for understanding.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

I still haven't received any feedback ever since forwarded to relevant?