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Need to know if my Asus F570Z laptop has the space for a SSD drive

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I remember  being told during the purchase of my laptop the vendor telling me  that there was space in my  laptop for an SSD drive. Today the Asus Service Center[Andheri East,  Mumbai, India] told me that they cannot support an SSD configuration.  I need some official confirmation.





I need the full model name of your laptop to confirm its specifications.
Could you please tell me the full model name of the laptop you are using?
Thank you.
How to find Model Name 

Please find attached the model number snapshot...Thanks!


Hi Ashish, your laptop can support M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD 2280 based on your spec sheet HERE but it is very hard for you to upgrade yourself based on this video you can see the ssd slot at the 5:30 mark. Hope this help.


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I am grateful for all your guidance...i will get this done at the ASUS service center...i had another query...i do not know if anyone from ASUS corporate reads these posts...the service center suggested a price of 40K INR which is four times the cost of a simple Samsung SSD drive on Amazon! Is this really true...or did they just quote me to get me to go away...? I really like my laptop...its just that over the years it has slowed down and i feel that an SSD primary drive would speed things up quite a bit...hence i had gone to the service center...any suggestions on my going back to the service center...or should i go to the dark side and get it done at a local chop shop [non-ASUS]? [i'd rather avoid if i could]