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MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 Adapter Driver causes Crashes/Preventing Games to Work

Star I

I've been trying to troubleshoot this for a while, but to no avail.

I sent back my laptop to get serviced and fixed for fault drivers or whatever it may be that was preventing the touchpad from even being seen as a device connected to my laptop and, when I got it back, all of a sudden I've been getting blue screen crashes, the error code pointing me towards the subject of this message.

Some games won't let me log in and gives me error codes, some other games just straight up don't launch anymore. Some games also prevent me from using voice chat. I'm not too sure what to do about this and I've also tried to get the drivers manually, but that didn't work either.

I guess there's also the chance that this isn't being caused by the WiFi adapter, but to be honest I don't know what else it could and seeing as it's the only thing crashing my laptop, it's all I have to go off of.

P.S. (I have tried rolling back the drivers, updating other drivers, and reinstalling games already. From what I have seen, others have had this problem as well - or at least the blue screen error - and they've tried reseting BIOS, Windows, and reinstalling Windows.).

Laptop: G513QM

Link to aforementioned post:



If you back up the data first and then recovery the system, does the problem happen again? 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

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yes, i am still suffering from that too @Nezira i tried everything, updating drivers, rerolling (well rerolling is not showing now dont know why), updating bios firmware, resetting pc (keeping with files) and even factory reset.....

even i checked device manager and did manually, but no result, it keeps crashing.....

i play genshin impact and whenever i start, it goes off/disappear from everywhere and i cant use ethernet since i am in hostel right i know it really annoys.....and well, i even tried  contacting microsoft and asus feedback support, they told me to do this and i did but no result, check solutions on browser still not working after some time.....

even stopped update, but well i cant even reroll wifi driver now.....i have to use from my usb tethering and it really annoys that laptop looks like pc....not portable and comfortable anymore...

Anyways, i found one thing u can do for long running process of wifi after restart....

just search proxy service in search and go there and turn it off, maybe it works for you too....

better solution is just replace this trash realtek (mediatek driver instead in future) since i heard from someone who did that its working good now, without any issue sigh


If you encounter this problem, please try the following steps.

1. Turn on the power and keep the battery power supply mode active (without plugging in the power adapter).

2. Press the power button for 30s to hard reset.

3. Enter the system and connect to the power adapter after it has rebooted.

4. Install MTK wireless network driver V3.00.01.1244 or above.

5. Install MTK Bluetooth driver V1.3.15.142 or above.

6. After the installation is complete, restart the device.

Please be sure to execute all six steps, updating the wireless network driver first, then updating the Bluetooth driver in order.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Thanks, but i already tried this many times and it didnt work at all....sometimes it works, but only for temporary idk if i should go through such trouble again when its not gonna work, when its not compatible with this driver adapter at all.....

even it made BSOD some times, to which i have to even restart or reboot many im not gonna waste my sweet little time on driver updates when its just a new version of bug, instead of that i can handle usb tethering.....compared to that temporary solution, its way better 😞

Anyways, thanks for support...u did a great job, its fault from driver manufacturer or maybe even driver update compatibilty support...