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Inquiry Regarding Warranty Expiry Date Discrepancy

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Dear Asus Customer Support,


I hope this email finds you well. On September 14, 2023, I purchased an ASUS laptop from Technology Valley, which comes with a 2-year warranty. However, I have recently noticed a discrepancy regarding the warranty expiry date.


According to the information displayed on my ASUS laptop, the warranty is set to expire on December 16, 2023, which is only three months from the date of purchase. I have attached screenshots of this for your reference.


I kindly request your assistance in rectifying this issue and aligning the warranty period with the agreed 2-year coverage, as stipulated in the purchase agreement.

Serial number: MBNRKD02970844

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your support and understanding.


Best regards,




Sorry, the serial number you provided is incorrect. I suggest double-checking it.
How to find Product Serial Number
Thank you.

Thank you for replying 

It's missing 6 at the end

Serial number: MBNRKD0*******

Thank you

[Picture Deleted Due to Personal Information Leaking]

Since you purchased a laptop shipped in 2021 (possibly from dealer inventory), the warranty period displayed in the system is until the end of 2023. We strongly recommend that you keep your purchase invoice as a future warranty reference. If you still have concerns, we also suggest contacting your local customer service. The following is the contact information: 

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

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If you are willing to create an account with ASUS there’s an area to register your purchase.  This allows you to enter a purchase date, which may correct your warranty expiration: