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Resolved! Upgrade

I own Asus a15 laptop gaming 2023 model. It has 16gb ddr5 ram and 8gb 4060rtx with 512gb ssd. Recommend me to upgrade 32gb and 1tb ssd brands


I received a message that I can send my new Mini PC in for repair under warranty. I read all instructions and I still confused about what exactly I have to send. So, what I understood:Send only PC without cable, papers. Just one Empty PC.I bought sep...

tard by Star I
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Asus rog laptop

Hello! I recently purchased a new laptop, the ROG G533RM model, and I encountered an issue. The touchpad sometimes works on its own, but not consistently. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can guide me?

amn1694 by Star I
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LAN Card installation

I bought ASUS PRO H610M-C.And i wanna install "Intel I219 LAN driver V12.19.2.45" in Linux O/Sbut there is no file for installation. is there any way to install it? or will i have to change component? 

Resolved! z790 Maximus Hero Nvme 980 pro

NVME samsung 980 pro 2tb is recognised in bios however unable to put windows on it via usb because no drive is selectable as boot device, which settings in bios are the correct one? thx

What power adapter is compatible with my Proart W5600Q2A?

I was using non-asus docks and am trying to spend money at ASUS to get my system working smoothly.The ASUS SimPro 2 dock I just bought can't power my PC reliably - it keeps behaving as if i've unplugged and re-plugged my power...maddening.So fine, I'...

Resolved! Unabel to register product

Bought a laptop a few days ago, unable to register. When I try, it tells me the product is already registered and the website has been useless at helping me out. Looked around and most of theses have been resolved by an ASUS associate contacting and ...

Resolved! PN64 Black screen

The story:PART 1. I asked asus support but it's too longI bought pn64 mini pc less than a week ago, it's brand new.Sometimes a black screen turns on and artifacts flicker. Ctrl+alt+delete or ctrl+alt+shift+b didn't help. I heared increasing noise dur...

tard by Star I
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